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Over 40+ Classes Weekly!
Something for Everyone!

At Mindset 180 we offer a wide variety of Indoor and Outdoor Functional Fitness Bootcamp classes, an opportunity to build your strength and endurance, power and agility, balance and flexibility, aerobics through using natural movements such as Pushing, Pulling, Squatting, Hinging, and Rotational movements while using modalities such as: Free-Handed Weights, Barbells, TRX straps  (total body resistance) Boxing and Kickboxing Heavy Bags, Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, Sleds, Weighted Balls, Tubing, Bands, Plyo Boxes  and more.  Function Fitness Training is all about training and building the body to make the muscles work together instead of targeted training (machines) Our Functional Fitness Bootcamp classes is a group training setting designed and programmed to take your body to the next level. We take pride that our coaches are experienced with working within group settings, are educated with years of credentials, certifications, and degrees behind them, and are highly educated in program design, anatomy and physiology and first and foremost teaching and cuing to proper form. Our goal is to provide you with a unique group exercise session that will deliver visible results. All classes are designed and sculpted to fit all fitness levels.  


Classes Offered:

  • Bootcamp Strength and Conditioning

  • Bootcamp Boxing and Conditioning

  • Bootcamp TRX Total Body Core

  • Build and Burn Weight Training

  • Build and Burn (Hard Core Building)

  • 50/50 Spin and Strength

  • Spinning 

  • Fit over Sixties Small Group Class

  • Yoga (Offered Once a Month)

  • Monthly Mobility Workshops (Free)

  • Youth Bootcamp

  • Youth Boxing Bootcamp

Please Email Toni at for rates and further info.

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