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MINDSET 180 “THE WEIGHTED BUILD & BURN” Nutritional Programs:

Designed specifically for Muscle Building and Fat Burning!

Some say it is Impossible to Build Muscle and Burn Fat at the same time.  WRONG! Muscle Building burns Fat!.... And that's a fact! This is where your Protein input comes in as well.  

FYI, It takes 4lbs of Muscle to fill up the space of 1lb of Fat!!!!  The number on the scale is not the all to be! Most scales only tell you your body weight.  They tell you nothing about your body composition: Lean mass vs. Fat mass.  Analyzing your body weight only is a poor measure of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.  Example: If you gain muscle but lose body fat(you'll be fitter)  the scale may tell you you're heavier.  We all know muscle (the good stuff) weighs more than fat (the not so good stuff) in your body. But if you lose muscle and gain fat you'll be fatter, but the scale will read lighter  (not so fit).  Our Mindset 180 programs are built and designed to eliminate this effect.

It is often said to gain muscle you must eat more, and to lose fat you must eat less.  Some people think this is factual, but you are wrong!  It is possible to have the best of both worlds, to turn your body into a lean mean muscle building fat burning machine, and done all at the same time.  Getting your body to reach its optimal condition, work most efficiently is our goal. Transforming your physique/ body composition is what we're targeting using  “The Weighted Build & Burn programs. Our nutrition and Strength programming are not cookie cutting programs, they are specifically designed and tailored for your body type.  

Some overlooked Benefits to Strength Training/Building Muscle while Burning Fat:

  1. Your body become much more effective to burning stubborn fat due to strength training in conjunction with good nutrition

  2. Your body will be in an Anaerobic state which means you'll continue to burn fat in the minutes, hours and days following your strength training sessions

  3. Strength Training stimulates your anabolic (tissue-building) growth hormone and testosterone levels.

  4. Boosts your immune system, increases metabolism, and promotes growth in your muscles.

  5. Peptide YY, a digestive hormone stimulated by anaerobic training can also aid fat loss by counteracting the effects of ghrelin, a diet sabotaging hormone which makes you hungrier and more likely to store fat when you cut calories.

  6. Strength training has been shown to lower insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes)

Strength Training does a Body GREAT!  And the benefits just go on and on!

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