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MINDSET180 programs are based on each individual client's strengths and weaknesses.  For your convenience, we offer a wide range of  classes and time frames to help you achieve your results.   Please see our online class schedule or as for this at our front desk.  Each session is based on the fundamental strength and conditioning training principals with only focusing on consistent improvement week after week.  Some of our class and training modalities consist of variables such as: weights, barbells, kettlebells, conditioning tools, bands, trx straps, treadmills, rowers and more! Our programs are designed by each individual coach which will provide variation, complexity and diversity to which your body requires.  First and foremost our coaches strive for excellence!  Our prime goal is to maintain your safety and health by: promoting and implementing proper technique for all exercises (to fit your level of conditioning and mobility),  beginning and ending all classes with multiple static and dynamic stretching, and communicating the importance and benefits of nutrition and fluids needed to sustain a class or training session.  Our team will develop and design  a quality built performance program modified to fit each individual's physical capabilities, from a beginner to advanced athlete.   Enjoy your session!

All Group Class Programs must be signed up for in advance using our Mindset180 app. We hold a 12 hour cancellation window. All cancellations must be made before this 12 hour window. Due to limited class capacity, if you are a “no show” or cancel within the 12 hour window you will be charged a late cancellation fee of $20. Let’s please respect for whom may be standing in line behind you waiting to attend class.

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