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Good nutrition is important to leading a Healthy Lifestyle!  Nutrition is 90% of your results but only when you implement 100 percent of Mindset! A well balanced diet will provide you with not only weight loss, faster metabolic rate, fat loss, and maintaining a healthy weight,  but  as well as keeping you energized throughout the day as well as  changing your cognitive state.  A well balanced diet will give you the nutrients you need for growth repair, help you stay strong and healthy, and help prevent diet-related illnesses (cancers and heart disease).  Eating a healthy diet that includes fruits, whole grains, proteins, unsaturated fats, and dairy will help you achieve and maintain the Healthy Lifestyle your body needs! Our Mindset 180 Lifestyle Plans will do just this!  You can not outwork a bad nutrition plan. Consuming a balanced diet is our focus, ensuring the body has plenty of nutrients to use. The Mindset “Lifestyle” plans offered will focus on the 3 critical nutrients: Proteins, Carbohydrates and Unsaturated Fats, as well as vitamins, minerals, fibre and water. It is critical to implement all key nutrients within your daily diet, this will help the body build and grow, and to maintain one's health efficiently and effectively. At Mindset 180 our coaches first and foremost teach you how to eat without starving yourself, and how to eat to obtain and achieve your optimal results. Our programs are tailored, custom designed and built to each and every clients specified goal.


 Benefits of a Healthy diet:

  1. Weight and Fat loss

  2. Reduces illnesses (Cancers and Heart disease)

  3. Diabetes management

  4. Strong Bones

  5. Better mood

  6. Improves Mental health/Cognitive improvement

  7. Improves lack of sleep

  8. Build Muscle/Burn Fat

  9. Metabolic Efficiency

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